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How ICBM Campus achieved 5x the monthly revenue in three months using our digital strategy

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ICBM Campus is one of the leading tertiary education facilitation institutions offering Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral studies in various disciplines in Sri Lanka. It was established with the fundamental goal of enabling working professionals to secure a higher educational qualification while maintaining a fair balance of work and personal life.

The founders of the institution recognized the challenges that came with trying to pursue higher education while also balancing a professional career and created the ICBM Campus and its curriculum in an attempt to ensure that any professional trying to also further their academic qualifications would find their place at the ICBM Campus.

5X the monthly revenue in 3 months

8.3K searches on Google per month

3K web sessions in one month

Why a digital marketing approach centering paid ads mattered to ICBM

As we started with ICBM Campus, we noticed that the brand was facing the following challenges:

    • Requiring a wider outreach
    • Building awareness about their campus and the courses they offered
    • Reaching the niche target demography of customers


In order to address the above issues, first we had to determine which approach to marketing would allow our client the biggest ROI. Having decided that digital marketing (with a heavy focus on paid ads) would serve that purpose, we moved on to the strategizing segment.

We conducted a user persona analysis to determine the ideal customer of the brand, a working professional also trying to further their academic qualifications, and which social media platforms they would frequently use and what sort of content they would most likely engage with.

Then our attention was given to building a swift and efficient website for ICBM where a potential customer could gain more information about any and all courses offered by the university. In order to further elevate the website we utilized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as we wanted ICBM to be one the first options a potential customer would be presented with on Google search results. We worked under the assumption that any potential customer would do research prior to starting a degree and we wanted ICBM to be the top choice they would be presented with as they navigate their options.

How our 360 digital marketing strategy helped ICBM triple their revenue

The website we created for ICBM significantly lowered the lead time by allowing the customer to access all the information they might require about any degree at the tap of their finger as opposed to calling the institution and repeatedly inquiring about different courses at different times. Since we utilized on-page SEO as a long-term visibility tool, ICBM became the top result on Google search if one were to search for “B.Ed in Education in Sri Lanka”, and other program-related keywords.

After the thorough research that entailed the above-mentioned user persona analysis, we opted to share content relevant to higher education as well as our extensive ad campaigns on the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as we found these to be the most frequently used social media platforms by the target client demographic.

Highly targeted ad campaigns for different audience sectors were effective in generating highly qualified leads that were already educated and nurtured via the website’s user journey and social media content. 

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