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How Deobox achieved market traction using a comprehensive digital strategy

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Deobox is Sri Lanka’s first and only subscription box service, which marked a significant step in the evolution of Sri Lanka’s E-commerce ecosystem.

Subscription products in general were an entirely new and fresh concept to Sri Lanka; a subscription service for the grooming and health sector, even more so.

Deobox was the brainchild of Co-Founders Sudara Melvin and Binara Sakalasuriya. What started with a need to acquire original deodorant brands more conveniently, the idea for Deobox came into fruition when the duo decided to work on a concept where more people who genuinely care about getting their hands on original products carrying global certification, can subscribe to get their favorite brands delivered right to their doorstep every month.” – ft.lk

7 to 250 subscriptions in 3 months

18.5K followers on Tiktok

13K organic web sessions in one year

Why a long term digital strategy mattered to Deobox

Deobox was facing the following challenges when we started:

– Building a brand-loyal community that values time
– Educating and nurturing the audience on how a subscription product works
– Building consumer trust when introducing the new model
– Enabling purchases on-site

We hypothesized that Deobox’s initial customers would be early technology adopters with above average levels of digital literacy, which meant they would be present on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

In addition, Deobox also required a state-of-the-art website to nurture website visitors, reduce conversion time and manage automated recurring payments.

At Strontium, we enacted a 360 short-term and long-term digital strategy to create widespread awareness, build community and drive conversions.


How a 360 digital strategy helped Deobox build a community that bought

Initially, the Deobox website was developed with a user journey that enabled the user to be educated and informed about subscriptions and how a subscription model enables them to save time and effort.

Building trust was also key in the subscription business model as the majority of the audience wasn’t ready to provide their card information for recurring fees. In order to strengthen the clientele’s trust in the brand we came up with a two-layered solution. First, we opted to share customer testimonials and behind-the-scenes on social media following, and secondly we opted to use a trusted payment gateway for the website.

Tiktok was used to create organic awareness among the target audience by uploading short-form videos consistently and regularly to the platform instead of traditional paid ads.

Facebook and Instagram served as a middle tier in the marketing funnel, with high-quality graphic-designed content driven by a long-term content strategy that was customized to enhance engagement and increase consumer touch points before a purchase.

A significant role in building trust was played by user-generated content, leading us to include influencer outreach, giveaways, and other such content-generation methods in our strategy for Deobox.

Once the consumer reaches the website, easy checkouts were facilitated along with building trust. The website design was also constantly reiterated according to analytics to increase the m-o-m conversion rates.

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